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Question asked by Fadi Hussein - 11/28/2017 at 10:59 AM
Will smartertools will ever support Archive emails to a network storage which is mapped to the server or different server? this have been long requested but still not implemented (unless i didnt know about it). it is really a very important feature which i dont understand why we have to ask for it today. mail archive to same server, eats alot of its capacity and using nas storage or server dedicated as storage will help in maintain main server performance and cost.

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Scarab Replied
As long as the network location is mapped to a drive letter then you can set the Archive Path in Smartermail to a different location. You can even use the MKLINK cmd to set the Archive Path to be a junction to another location. You can map a network drive to a network location via SMB, WebDAV, Cloud Folders, or even FTP/FTPS (although depending on how much traffic you get I wouldn't advise the later). If you are using Microsoft Windows File and Storage Services in your environment you can also share an iSCSI Target as a network location that can be mapped as a network drive on your Smartermail server.
I would suspect that the reason Smartertools has never implemented using UNC address locations in Smartermail is because there really is no need to as mapping a network location is trivial in all modern versions of Windows Server. There is usually little point in reinventing the wheel when the primary dependency for running your application already has that functionality built-in.
Fadi Hussein Replied
Thanks Scarab for your reply. i will try out your suggestions and hopefully it will work out without any issue.
Scarab Replied
I was wrong. We've been using a Mapped Network drive to a SMB Network Share for Logs and it works fine, however I just tested Message Archiving in v16 and it does not accept Mapped Network Drives like the setting for the Log Path does. Entering a Mapped Network Drive location in the Archive Path (i.e. Z:\Archive\) gives the error "Invalid File Path" I'm not sure if this is an oversight (bug) or by design. So, this is something that either needs to be fixed by SmarterTools or considered as a Feature Request.
My apologies for speaking before actually verifying.

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