Forwarding account without a mailbox
Question asked by Gordon Saxby - November 27, 2017 at 2:22 AM
I am very new to SmarterMail so sorry if this is an obvious question! It is my first question here too, so hopefully I'm doing it right!
I want to set up some email addresses that ONLY forward to another address, I do not want to store the emails or have any sort of mailbox. I've seen that you can delete forwarded emails, but doesn't that mean there is still an account that can be logged onto?

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I'm not sure that will work, as the destination email needs to go to another domain - e.g. email comes into and gets forwarded to
There is no requirement to store the emails, or be able to log into / send from
Yes, you may forward emails in at least these two ways;
1. Easiest way: Set up an alias. The forwarding address will be the complete email address of the recipient.
2. Set up a user account, then go into settings, and under Forwarding, enter the forwarding address, check the box for "Delete messages when forwarded," and then click Save. No incoming messages will be delivered to that user's inbox. If you uncheck that box, you can have it both ways.
These should work up through version 15, at least. I haven't tried it on v16.
Be aware that certain email services, such as gmail, may block a significant amount of forwarded email these days, as the messages are seen as a security risk at their end, when the destination domain is different than that of the original recipient.
A better way to do this, when the destination domain is different, and when available on the destination server, would be to have the destination account retrieve email from a user account you've created on the SM server. In gmail, for instance, you go into the gmail settings, Accounts and Import, go to "Check mail from other accounts," and put the SM user address and login info there. I believe the retrieval will use POP3 format. There's a lot lower chance of the destination server rejecting mail, when done in this manner.

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