change subject 3 line layout back to single
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are there a way to get back the single line layout of the subject .
this is ok on a mobile .  but my user including myself mainly use pcs
i hate the squashed up look .
before the subject , person sending and size had there own columns .
also where is the persons email addy that sent the mail .
i shouldn't have to open the mail to see the email addy .
the person that invented this layout must be in love with mobile devices
and completely disregarded the person using the pc .
I hate it .......
anyway to go back to 15.x ?

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Could someone at SmarterTools please respond regarding the 3 line back to 1 line view? I have a lot of demand for this as well after our upgrade.
Is there a way to bring back single line view for mailbox overview?
What version is that ?  Is that seriously how smarter mail looks now ?  we are still using That mobile only look is horrid. - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. in 2018, in just one year, we gave away 1,000 Free Computers !

Andrea Rogers Replied
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Thanks for your feedback, everyone! At this time, there is not a way to modify the display of the content pane. However, we will take this request into consideration. I've changed this thread type from a Question to Idea so we can facilitate tracking. 
For further clarification, are users requesting to bring back this single-line content pane that appeared when the user's preview pane is disabled
15.x Preview Pane Disabled:
16.x Preview Pane Disabled:
I can definitely see the appeal of having a single line view so more emails can be displayed on the page. However, please be aware that in version 15.x, the sender's display name was also shown in the From column, so users would have needed to open an email to view the email address of the sender. Also, the same sorting options available in the 15.x columns can be found using the Sort/Filter button in version 16.x.
For this request, is the main concern getting back the single line view and getting rid of the "squashed" look of 16.x? I'd just like to ensure our team is aware of the specific reasons for the request so we can properly take it into consideration.
Thank you!

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.

personally, i hate most mobile looks, where the "new and improved" takes up like 5 times more space to accomplish the same thing. Want to find something and its like you are on facebook.. scroll...scroll...scroll...scroll...scroll...scroll...scroll...scroll...scroll...scroll... - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. in 2018, in just one year, we gave away 1,000 Free Computers !

I remain at a loss to comprehend why ST doesn't allow both V15 and v16 interfaces with the same install. This way there will be A) user choice and B) only one back-end to maintain.
Perhaps tougher to engineer at the outset, but also perhaps a lot more happy consumers/users.
Oh yes, and gathering statistics on who's using which interface ought to be enlightening.
I've opened a topic about this some time ago
I also would like to see a litlle less space lost in the interface, but I do also understand Tim's answer.
For us, it's about volume, processing it quickly, and not missing things just below the fold. We have a ton of email that must be sorted through and the from email does not matter to us. I use Outlook and it still has the single line view, even Gmail uses it. Not having it as an option is really a big fail. Someone was not paying attention as all other major competitors have this view option. I get that design standards change and the mobile look is the future, but t.his is still heavily used on desktop systems with people who have used these interfaces for untold years
Upgraded  sorry changed to version 17 from 15 yesterday and the new interface on first look was nice but as the day has gone on it has irritated me more and more, I had 2 lines before and allowed me a better glance at whats happening felt like all ive done today is scroll!!!

Please give us options 
We have probably 20K SmarterMail users and NONE of them use a mobile browser to open Smartermail. I am lost on WHY the UI needs to even be mobile friendly. 

The ADMIN UI should be mobile friendly as yes multiple admins would prefer checking urgent stuff on their phones.

But why does the mailbox UI have to be MOBILE FIRST ? 

It is a WEBMAIL , it should be designed first and foremost with the Web browser user in mind. 99% of non-mailclient users will use Webmail in the web browser. You can then design make sure it also works on mobile browser for the remaining 1% users.
100% in agreement. Mobile users should (and in practice, do) overwhelmingly use email client apps, and expect to be able to view their recent emails offline in that client. 

Typically they only use a webmail client in a pinch. 

That said, a webmail client should first and foremost be fully optimized for desktop use, and should not be constricted by mobile needs. Full stop. 

Yeah, I brought this exact point up over 3 years ago <crying emoji>.  Unfortunately, it didn't get any traction. Read the discussion here:

Saw this in a separate post, but not sure of the status:
SM changelog for v16 states...

IMPORTANT: Additional SmarterMail themes are coming soon! Administrators and/or users will soon be able to choose from a variety of preset layouts and color themes. In preparation for this design, some personalization options, including the ability to change the color scheme or add custom CSS, have been removed from SmarterMail 16.x. (16.0.6345)
How about a new UI theme that looks and feels like v15? That would be ideal.
This is request is under consideration 

smartermail can you advise current status please? 
This is request is under consideration

smartermail can you advise current status please?

>> How about a new UI theme that looks and feels like v15? That would be ideal. <<

Good luck with that. Only one user at my client's doesn't like the v15 UI/UX. I disagree, and the rest either like it or are neutral, but they otherwise find it quite usable + functional; and those issues are more important than anything else.
I suppose it depends on your core business as to whether you find it usable or functional.  its usable and functions but not as efficiently as it should   
@Anne: Not sure if you're talking about the interface for v15 or for later versions. To be clear, the vast majority here find the v15 interface efficient as well. You appear to have some requirements that our user's don't need. 

For the time being, we're staying with SM v15. I don't allow desktop Outlook, period. A few users are on Thunderbird, however, and all users are using various smarphone email clients - nobody is on smartphone webmail.

Going forward, many users will be moving to Office 365 Exchange email once some additional 3rd party features are added to the Microsoft side. A split-domain configuration is already in place SM <--> O365.

Alas, one size does not fit all.
Sorry Im Talking about SMv17    I had no issues with SMV15 

This is request is under consideration

smartermail can you advise current status please?

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