Notification for incoming Mail to external mailadress
Question asked by Alexander Emmerson - 11/10/2017 at 3:04 AM
As we use confidential information within our smartermail system, we would like NOT to forward complete incoming mails. Instead we would like to send a new mail containing a notification only to an external mailbox "New mail for your account xy@z.de has arrived".
Background: Many of our employees do not use mail during their daily work. And not all of them have easy access to PCs at work. Therefore it would be great if they could get a notification to their private mailadress which notifies them that new mail has arrived in their company account without sending the confidential content of the whole mail through the internet.  


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Derek Curtis Replied
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While not available across the board -- meaning, you won't be able to do this once, but have to do it for every Account -- you can create Events for users that can send an email to a separate address on "message received". That way, for any message they get to their business account, that notification email can fire. 
System variables are available as well, so that notification email can contain the sender's info, the email subject, etc. That may help the end user determine if it's something they need to look at right away or if it can wait. You can also customize the email's subject, so using "New email received at your Company Name account" would work. (Unfortunately using system variables in the subject isn't available at this time.)
Also, this is really a question since it's possible to do what you want, so I'm going to shift the category...
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