Permissions for File Storage --- where are they?
Idea shared by Jeff Davis - 11/4/2017 at 9:19 PM
Am I missing something here?  Do you have permissions for File Storage?
So I see that you have permissions under Domain Settings > Share Resources for Calendar and Conference Rooms.    Why not use the Shared Resources to also allow permissions for the Global setting for File Storage. 
Then individually, those given permissions from the admin can have the availbility to create / edit / place / view  (folders,files) -- or whatever permissions/rights the admins or site admins allow.
I guess I am suprised.  In most groups settings there is always the need for permissions and control of files for those who should have access and those that sould not.  Those who should see folders and files, and those who should not.  As well as those would can only view them and download them.
Is this something that at least will be added? and if so when?  I have someone now who is extremely interested in dropping Office 365 Business Premium to go with SmarterMail w/ its Teams workspaces.
But due to the File Storage not having permissions for files and folders, it's a deal breaker.
Just thought I would let you know.

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