Lost File Attachments?
Problem reported by John Marx - October 30, 2017 at 10:22 AM
We are on v16.3.6508 and our client is using the web mail interface. Everything shows beautiful within the sent folder.
They stated the following and I am quoting them. This is not a beginner level user and one that is an intermediate to advanced user so I know they know what they are talking about. 
"People have said I didn't attach when in the send folder it said it did, inability to open, or completely wrong attachment.  Thanks for checking it out."
What logs can we provide to help solve this?

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Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
We don't have any normal logs for this but if you
-Stop your service
-add     <DebugLogIds>102938</DebugLogIds>     to your mailConfig.xml (anywhere under the <MailConfig> line)
-Start your service
In your C:\SmarterMail\Logs (or wherever you've configured them to go), folder you will find a DebugLog that has this information in it.
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