When does Delete User Stats After x months run?
Question asked by Thomas Nielsen - 11/26/2014 at 2:41 AM
I have a SmarterMail server with about 15.000 users on 5 different domains. I have noticed that each user has a stat file for each month on the server. Those files are taking up more storage than the mail they have on the server.
I have configured "Delete User Stats After x months" and changed it from the default of 13 months to only 5 months. So far nothing has happened. My question is when does the cleanup take place?
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Hello Thomas,
Thanks for the inquiry. I would presume you are referencing the User Stats setting under the General settings. I do believe we default that to be 13 months. I do know that the folder should update once you apply the changes. This would then remove the .STAT file for the predefined time or months from reporting the results when selected.
Please let us know if you have any difficulties or if the option is not working properly. Consider opening a Support ticket and we can review this further.
Thank You.
Thomas Nielsen Replied
Hi Joseph
This morning I noticed that my disk usages has dropped 3 GB. It could indicate that it is has slowly start to work, but not right away. Could it be that the cleanup doesn't start until each user connect to the mail server?
I can see that if a user has not been active in a month there are no stat file for that month.
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