mail and folder on the server but missing from email client and webmail
Question asked by dean brown - 10/28/2017 at 7:44 AM
sm15 - Mac user updated their Outlook to 2017 and all their imap folders disappeared (n the the Inbox)
I can see them on the server, but they don't appear in webmail or the outlook client. What's the best way to get them to show again?

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In SM 16 I had this problem; emails and folders/sub-folders showed on server in proper directory but did not appear in webmail.  As seen here https://portal.smartertools.com/kb/a2980/restore-a-users-account-folders-or-emails.aspx - Go down to "Restore a User's Emails / Move a Large Number of Messages". 
* I did not move or create any folders/emails as the emails were already there.
  1. Log into SmarterMail as a System Administrator.
  2. Click the Manage tab, then the Manage menu item.
  3. In the content pane, click the Actions (...) menu to display your options.
  4. Click Rebuild Folder in the dropdown menu. 
  5. A modal will open. In the Email field, enter the full email address of the user that will have their emails restored. 
  6. In the Folder Path field, enter the path of the new folder within the Web interface. For example, if you created the Temp folder under the Inbox, the folder path would be  “Inbox\Temp.”
  7. If the folder you're restoring includes sub-folders, make sure the Recursive toggle is turned on. This will ensure all sub-folders are restored as well.
  8. Click Restore in the content pane toolbar. 
  9. When the emails are restored to the user's Temp folder, select them all and move them to the intended folder.
dean brown Replied
Thanks - I think that worked
I have one user this has happened to 3 times, and cannot figure out why it is happening. Maybe we can find a correlation. I do not think it is server environment or SM 15 vs 16 related., but a bug across all versions. The first thing I saw in my users account is they have about 20 sub-folders under the Inbox. They also IMAP with Outlook 2016, and an Android Turbo. I see your user is using Outlook 2017, how about a large amount of sub-folders?
dean brown Replied
My user had about 1.5GB email in about 30 folders in the Inbox
Dominick Meccarielli Replied
My user with this persistent problem as 1.6G in 25 folders under Inbox.
Falk Brockerhoff Replied
We have the same issue with SM Version 15.7.6542. It appears in different mailboxes. Plenty of folders are not visible in the Webmailer but existing on the filesystem. Nothing seems to be wrong with the folders, also the restore function makes them visible again. 
@SmarterTools: Please let me know, what debug information you need. We would be glad to find a reason for this together. Is there maybe a keyword I could search in the logs?
Smartermail runs on Windows Server 2016 in failover mode, Services and Mailstore are mounted via Windows Share: 
I've also added a screenshot. On the left side the Windows Explorer, on the right side SmarterMail webmailer.
Definitely appears to be related to number of folders and size of account. 

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