Add a way to state which spam checks etc. can run?
Idea shared by echoDreamz - 10/26/2017 at 9:08 PM
Was thinking it would be nice to order how tests are execute, but then I assume SM runs spam tests async / across x threads so this may not work, but to lower load on the system, maybe we can set an order of how we'd like spam checks to run, then say if x tests fails, ignore the rest.
For example, say we want RDNS to run first, then SPF, then say Barracuda RBL. For us, if RDNS fails, we SMTP reject. So it is really pointless to run the rest of the tests / waste of resources. If RDNS fails, skip the other checks and just bounce the message. If RDNS passes, but SPF fails, ignore the rest. IE a checkbox that says "Stop checks if failed" type setting.
I dont think this is possible because I like I said, SM most likely runs spam checks asynchronously.

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