Trouble with impersonating - SM ENT 16.3.6474
Problem reported by Brian Tesene - October 10, 2017 at 11:49 AM
SM ENT 16.3.6474
As a system admin, I often need to go into specific domain and then impersonate one of the users.  It is much more convenient to manage the domain (impersonating the domain admin) and then use impersonation again on the desired user than to use the impersonate tab at the left of the screen and have to remember the email address to type it in. 
The problem is, when I do this double impersonation, my browser frequently gets confused as to which account it is in and will incorrectly show from one or the other. Is anyone else seeing this?  
Also, in SM 15.x, when you managed a domain, it just automatically used the primary admin.  Wouldn't that me the most efficient thing to do here? If I need to impersonate another admin instead of the primary admin, I can still do that. It just seems like an extra step to have to choose a user to impersonate when all I want to do is manage the domain.  Additionally, I think maybe it's lending to the problem I described in the paragraph above.

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