Are there any archiving appliances compatible with Smartermail?
Question asked by Joe Dellaragione - 10/10/2017 at 9:09 AM
We are a government agency so the built in archiving feature is not good enough. We need an appliance like a TANGENT DATACOVE or a BARRACUDA email archive. But it looks like they are only compatible with true exchange servers. Are there any hardware archivers compatible with Smarter Mail? 

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Paul Blank Replied
I am curious as to what the government archiving requirements actually are. Not needing the security of an archiving appliance, I find that SM's archiving and the compression / indexing it uses are close to ideal for my clients, although I haven't installed v16 anywhere, and don't know how that version archives.
There ought to be some appliance that acts as a gateway host and does that job. Check out Symantec's email cloud suite. It might be in there. I use their service for incoming/outgoing email anti-virus/spyware/malware etc. filtering, and it serves as a smarthost/gateway host, keeping most badware from even crossing into the companies' LANs.
TJ Replied
Have you looked at www.mailstore.com?

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