Add Contact Needs to know whether there's an existing contact
Idea shared by David O'Leary - 10/9/2017 at 12:12 PM
I'm trying to make sure my SmarterMail address book has all my main contacts so when I get an email, I like to check whether the contact is in my address book but there's no easy way to do this. I know I can click on the email address and click Add Contact but that option appears whether the user is already in my address book or not. If I click Add Contact, it will add a duplicate entry every time. It needs to be Smarter.
It would be great if SmarterMail adjusted the options based on whether the user was already in your Contacts. For Gmail, it shows "Contact Info" if the user is already in your Contacts and "Add to Contacts" if not.

Even better would be some kind of icon or overlay that indicates for each email address whether you had a contact with that email address in you address book already.
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