SM 16 WebMail not preserving table borders when pasting from spreadsheets like MS Excel
Problem reported by Ionel Aurelian Rau - October 4, 2017 at 2:56 AM
When a user pastes a table from a spreadsheet (tested with MS Excel 2016 and LibreOffice`s Calc) that has formatted borders, in SmarterMail 16 these borders are not formatted. In order to have at least some kind of border for the tables, after pasting them in WebMail, using the "Code View" feature we are changing the "table border="0"" value to "table border="1"". This way at least the table now has all the borders and it looks like a table, even if the border widths are not preserved as they are in Excel.
We are using Version: 16.3.6474
This has been like this since SM16 was released and it did not seem to be that big of a deal, but people are complaining more and more about it. Many of our users need to send excerpts of some tables in spreadsheets on a daily basis and the way SM 16`s webmail handles this has become an issue. We`ve been using MS Outlook 16 for most of these users so they would not have the issue, but more and more users need this and it`s not a solution just to buy Outlook for everyone, especially now that EAS support is also being removed.
Please fix this, or at least make it so that users do not have to edit the code for the borders of their tables to show (maybe implement a toggle in the editing interface that would stick forever so they would not have to change it each time). Ideally (and how we would see it working normally), would be for all of the border`s widths to be preserved as they are in the spreadsheet, but I would say that if at least 2 border width level would be available, that would be great (so at least the thin ones would be thin and the thick ones would be thick).

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Derek Curtis Replied
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It's just the gridlines, right? I've added font colors and cell backgrounds using LibreOffice and those seem to paste in just fine. However, I do see what you mean about the gridlines not pasting in correctly. 
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