The best Virtual Machine/ server for SmarterMail?
Question asked by Jessica Smith - September 26, 2017 at 10:33 AM
Whats the best Virtual Machine/ server for SmarterMail?
Am not sure which sever to go for. please i need recommendations.
I tried Amazon EC2, but it was pretty slow for me. The webpage takes time to load and the mails take ages to send.

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John Marx Replied
We are using Microsoft Azure. It is a D2 server. We pay around $200/month for the server with the hard drive space we need. I know it's not the fastest but is SSD. When we do decide to upgrade we'll probably upgrade to a D4 for more memory/CPU but have never had an issue with the server.
I am using a virtual server and have no issues at all. Previously i used and i was happy with them. Hosteurope has lower prices.

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