Continuous Re-login
Problem reported by John Marx - September 26, 2017 at 5:54 AM
We noticed that we are constantly asked to login over and over again with version 16.3.6474.
We have reports from users than every 2-3 calendar entries in web mail they are asked to log back in. They just bought a brand new computer and have tried under Edge and Chrome.
We have also noticed logged in as an administrator. If we go to manage a domain, that we are asked to log in every few minutes.
If we stay on the spool screen and leave it for hours it seems fine. It is only when we leave the main screen.

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Come on Guys. It sure would be nice to have a short post to let us know what resolved the issue instead of just marking it resolved.
Kendra Support
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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Sorry for the lack of detail. Essentially, what was happening was that when "Remember me" was checked on the login screen, authentication tokens were getting mixed up. This would more often occur when admin users were impersonating accounts -- the auth tokens were getting mixed up between the 2 different accounts. Once that was resolved it fixed the standard user auth tokens as well. We've sent out a couple of pre-release builds to customers and they reported back that the issue was resolved. The fix will be in this week's release. 
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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