Enable DMARC policy compliance check (how does SM handle DMARC?)
Question asked by Michael Breines - September 25, 2017 at 10:04 AM
Can we get some background or KB article on how exactly Smarter Mail enforces DMARC policy?
In the Antispam Administration | Options there is the option for: "Enable DMARC policy compliance check"
My question is:
How does Smarter Mail enforce DMARC policy?
For example: does the SM server regularly reply to domains "ruf" or "rua" email addresses with reports? From what "from" address does the SM server send these notices to the addresses listed in the DNS?
Some more background on DMARC would be nice. DMARC seems to be catching on and I feel we should start to be compliant for inbound message processing. But SM documentation and help articles on the subject is very scarce.

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