yahoo greylisting issue
Question asked by dean brown - September 20, 2017 at 5:57 AM
You have to add a filter for yahoo's email servers for greylisting as they don't resend the email from the same server each time and it will fail. The problem is that they have 1000's of email servers:
And it will take a long time to enter them all.(and they may change in the future)
How have other people solved this problem?

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Dean, I use a program from called SMWhiteListFromSPF. It's a free program that pulls SPF records for the domains you want to bypass greylisting. I started using it years ago to fix ebay and have since added google, msn, yahoo and state lotto sites. I run it once a month and let it remove stale entry's and put the new entry's in the SM whitelist. Works on SM ver 15, no clue on Ver 16 since I'm not ready to update yet.
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