How can I request shorter DKIM signatures in SM 16.x?
Question asked by Brian Tesene - 9/19/2017 at 8:56 PM
Prior to version 16, SM would create 1024bit DKIM signatures.  Now it appears that they are all longer (I think 2048) and they are difficult to deal with in our DNS manager.  Is there a way to select the length (or set it back to something shorter) in 16.x?

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You should check how to add stronger 2048 bit keys to your DNS manager, if it's the MS Windows DNS service, you can brake the key in two records.
Brian Tesene Replied
Thanks Jorge, I know that seems like the logical solution but it's not feasible for us in the short term.

Does anyone know of a way to have SM 16.x produce shorter keys?

SmarterTools, do you guys have any info that would help me?
Robert Emmett Replied
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We will be adding this option to select the key bit size into tomorrow's release.  It is recommended, however, to use 2048 for security reasons.
Robert Emmett
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Brian Tesene Replied
Understood, thank you Robert. I'm anxiously awaiting the update for this and many other fixes! :)

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