Outlook appointment encode issue when iCalendar support enabled
Problem reported by Juan Lai - 9/10/2017 at 11:17 PM
   I am having an encode problem while sending appointment invitation by using Outlook 2010 or later.
The situation is:
   1, If I add a new appointment by using SmarterMail Webmail, the encode is ok.
   2, If I add a new appointment by using outlook with iCalendar support enabled,
       anyone outside the same mail server will face the encode issue.Please ref attached
       the sender is SM15, and recipient is using SM16 or gmail.
   3, It won't have any encode issue if I disable iCalendar support from outlook.
 In fact, there're some encode issues existing on SM16 (or latest SM15). Hope Smartertools can 
fix them asap...

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