Extend support for SM15 without renewal fees
Idea shared by Lakshan Salgado - 9/9/2017 at 3:18 PM
Dear SM Executive team,
I know you love to release a 'new' version of SM every year. The truth is those versions have had really little value in terms of feature set, product maturity or highly requested features in the last few years. With a premium 40% software assurance annually, the product is at the top of the heap in costs. The ongoing SM16 saga seems to have no end with evidently a product not good enough for us to upgrade and forget about yet stuck in the middle of a waiting game. So why do we even bother with renewals? Because the internet is a forever moving landscape and we want to be assured the users are always on a supported platform. We love you to innovate but we still have core product issues with Outlook/Activsync, a need for SNI, a need for optional built in SSL renewal and the list goes on. It is time to re-evaluate either your renewal  pricing or do a waiver for everyone on support today until you get SM16 to what it should be, a upgrade it and forget it product.

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Idea: How about an option to continue paying for ActiveSync and CommTouch licenses, but not have to renew the SM license?
Currently you need to renew SM to keep these add-on features running. Benefit for ST would be that it still generates income for users who stick with v15.
I have been following the SM16 threads that cropped up here and I have no plans at this point to upgrade because of the numerous issues that have been reported here. I'm with Kevin here, if we don't want to upgrade to the latest version of SM, then give us an option to allow us to continue purchasing licenses for an add-on instead of having to purchase a complete renewal package each year. I realize it's about generating income revenue each year, but if the latest platform has numerous issues and has been out for months now, there really needs to be something in place for users that don't want to upgrade or have a need to.
I can certainly agree to that proposal
Very much agreed here as well. The reality is many of us jumped imail to come to smartermail (yes I was a1.x adopter) and with the direction things are going 0365 keeps looking better and better as they drive down their costs and my costs continue to rise.

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