POP3 not working on android phones
Question asked by Dave Beckstrom - 9/8/2017 at 8:05 AM
I have a customer telling me that they can't get smartermail working with their android phone.  We're currently set up for pop3 and not imap.  We have smartermail enterprise 7.6 installed.  We have purchased the latest version but have not installed it yet.  
She is saying when she logs into smartermail via the web interface and clicks on "android" that is says something isn't installed or configured.  As far as I know, nothing on smartermail should need to change whether using a desktop or phone, right?  I mean pop3 is pop3 regardless of device.  She said iphones work fine.
I went through the settings in her android phone and it appears its configured correct for our server.
I have to admit that I've had no time to read up on this version of smartermail so please bare with me if I'm asking a silly question.  I'm in a time crunch and was hoping asking a quick question here would be more expedient then my spending a lot of time I don't have in the mail admin.

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Hi Dave.  I would set the POP logs to Detailed in Settings >> Log Settings.  Then you can see if the phone is even making a connection to the SmarterMail server.

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