Is anybody really using (and offering to customers) Team Workspaces functionality?
Question asked by Jorge EG - 9/1/2017 at 5:08 PM
I am wondering if you are really using this functionality and what are your opinions.
In my case, when I first heard about it as an instant replacement for Webex, I was very excited, but now that its out there, we still use webex and we dont use it for many reasons like:
- The whiteboard application is very basic and it does not have a SELECT tool, so you cant move any objects once they have been created.  
- Entering a workspace and THEN... opening a videoconferencing in a separate window is a 2-step process that people dont really like. And the appear.in plug in does not work very well in many browsers and/or takes a lot of memory.
Anyway, I would like to know others' experiences with this tool.
Thanks in advance.

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Christopher Hiatt Replied
I have some users that have started to use it quite a bit. Mostly one on one screenshare for training or troubleshooting. They have also been posting different workspaces to host files for processes that they use a lot. Gives a simple repository that everyone can get to and add notes or ask questions about items in the space. I don't think anyone uses the whiteboard.
As you mentioned through, I'm not a fan of how the video opens up either. I need to get clarification on the video share limits also. The KB for it mentions up to 8 video participants can connect but when the appear.in window opens it says that only four can connect but 12 are allowed on a pro plan.
Robert Emmett Replied
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Chris, we are in the process from SM 17 of implementing our own WebRTC for video conferencing. This will eliminate the need of using a 3rd party, like appear.in.  It has also been suggested that we keep the 3rd party app URL as an option and possibly add a third option of "launching" a hosted video conf app.  Just FYI about video conferencing within Team Workspaces for SM 17.
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