Copy/Move Appointments on Calendar via Web Interface?
Question asked by Andrew Meador - August 29, 2017 at 7:45 AM
Is there a way in the web interface to copy an appointment/event on a Calendar to other days on the calendar in Month View? To move an appointment/event? Like Outlook using CTRL or Shift while dragging?
I haven't been able to find a way this far.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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If you have created the appointment, then you can hold down your click and move the event to another day and time in the day/week/month views. This would be for changing the day/time of an event, but not for copying an event to another day/time. (Meaning you're creating a new event based off the existing event, just on another day/time.) You can also drag the bottom of an event to extend its time. 
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Andrew Meador Replied
This doesn't work for me. I just get the circle with slash line through it (You can't do that!) symbol and can't drop it anywhere. No option to copy though?

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