Internal Blocked Senders changed - Can no longer set the action.
Problem reported by echoDreamz - August 21, 2017 at 4:18 PM
We have received over a dozen tickets today after upgrading to the 16.2 release. It appears you can no longer change the action of the Internal Blocked Senders content filtering rule.
After chatting with Emily, it seems this was removed in 16.2 and now all blocked senders go to the junk e-mail folder and there is nothing you can do about changing it. The entire purpose of **********BLOCKED********** SENDERS is that you do not want to receive emails from these senders. So the filter really should be renamed to Internal Not Really Blocked, Just goes to Junk-Mail Folder Senders.
This should be entirely up to the email user how they want to treat blocked senders, most (so far 16 of our customers want them deleted, blocked, gone, never seen). I asked a few of our bigger customers how they expect this filter to work and they all stated they assumed this sender would be prevented from sending them email at all, and were baffled why it would go to junk-mail. Bad SmarterTools! Bad!!


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