Hostname - mail.%hostname% propagation not working
Problem reported by Damir Matešić - August 18, 2017 at 2:07 PM
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In last version there was an instruction to propagete the mail.%hostname% for hostnames. And now on every domain i have the mail.%hostname% value. Not the is i want to have. Is this normal?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Just to make sure, this is how you'd actually propagate those settings:
  1. Log in as the System Admin
  2. Click the Manage icon. (If you're not already there.)
  3. Click the Manage menu item so that all domains are displayed in the content pane
  4. Click on the Actions (...) button
  5. From the dropdown, select Domain Defaults
  6. Make any changes you want. For example, if you normally use something like "webmail.domain.ext" you'll want to change the Hostname default to "webmail.%domain%". (no "" of course.) Otherwise, don't change anything. JUST make sure that for Hostname you see whatever you want all domains to use for the Hostname.
  7. Click the Propagation button
  8. In the modal, scroll down to the Miscellaneous area
  9. Check the box next to Hostname: mail.%domain% (or whatever you've changed it to)
  10. Click the Propagate button
That should propagate the hostname using the naming across all domains in your installation. I just tested this feature twice on 2 separate installations and it worked as expected.
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Hi, now it's bether.
But if you look at the release notes:
You will find that for Version 16.2.6439 (Aug 18, 2017) is stated "Hostnames are now required for domains. To simplify this, system administrators can use mail.%hostname% variable in Domain Defaults to propagate to existing domains. New domains will auto-fill the hostname's field with the domain's name, though the field is also editable."
So to me it's like an error in mentioned variable %hostname% that should be %domain%
I am right?

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