Change Mail Storage location on Server?
Question asked by Steve Guluk - August 17, 2017 at 10:10 AM
Are we able to take an existing installed configuration of SmarterMail (15.4 Enterprise) and store emails in multiple locations?

For instance, my server has the code SmarterMail application installed on the C Drive as well as the Domains directory.
But we have other Drives on this server that could more effectively handle the actual email files. HOw to redirect without migrating all, reconfiguring and then restarting SmarterMail?

Can we direct one Domain at a time to point to a different drive other than where the application is installed?

How have people handled the IMAP usage that keeps emails on their server over the prior POP methods where clients downloaded to a local computer and then erased from the server? It's getting to be a real problem and migration to a CDN just seems to add more costs to an already less than profitable equasion.

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Here are the required steps as provided by Kyle Kerst (SmarterTools Tech Support)
1. Choose domain to migrate. 
2. Copy this domain's data, which by default is found under C:\SmarterMail\Domains\domainName, to the new hard drive. 
3. When the data completes copying, stop the SmarterMail service. 
4. Update the domainlist.xml to point to the new location for this domain. 
5. Start the SmarterMail service. 
The order is important (change to xml while service is stopped)...
If the NAS volume is mapped as a Windows drive, it should work. But I haven't tried it. I use local drives only for email storage and SM archiving. 
I do use network drives for backups. 

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