SM16 16.1.6425 GAL Sync using Add To Outlook won't work
Problem reported by Juan Lai - 8/17/2017 at 12:35 AM
Hello All,
    Recently, we upgrade SM16 to latest 16.1.6425. And we found the GAL Sync by using "Add To Outlook"  won't work. But it's ok to ok to Sync "My Contacts" and Calendars.
     When click "Add to Outlook" and select GAL, after finish the step. All the GAL contacts will show on outlook(2010). It seems ok. But once outlook is closed, then the next time open the outlook, the GAL will become empty with no any error message pop up. 
    If the GAL Sync created is earlier than 16.1.6425, the contacts will show on outlook still with no issue. 
    Anyone has the same issue as me?
Juan Lai

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