SmarterMail 16.1.6425 can not change Protocol Settings
Problem reported by Bruce - 8/16/2017 at 3:31 AM
Not A Problem
In SmarterMail 16.1.6425 you can not change the protocol settings.
Making a change on the Protocols page causes the 'Cancel' button to be enabled but not the 'Save' button meaning you can not make changes to the Protocol Settings.

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Bruce,
Thank you for the report. I'm not seeing this behavior in our pre-public build or my installation running 16.1.6425. The Save and Cancel buttons both enable as expected when a change is made. Perhaps there is a required setting not configured on that page? Try this: Click on the first setting on the page, POP Banner, and then use your Tab key to tab through all the settings on the page. Look for any red validation errors that might appear. If you do see an error, configure that setting and you should hopefully be able to save.
Please let me know what you find! If you're still seeing this issue, please let me know the browser you're using as well.

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Bruce Replied
Tabbing through the page helped me find the issue as it highlighted 'POP Retrieval Download Path'.
This was set to;
Changing it to the following fix the issue
This has been set to this for at least 3 years. Maybe a better way to highlight such errors? As tabbing through each setting to find the error is not something that would be obvious to do.
Employee Replied
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Bruce, I'll try this here. If I can replicate this, I'll get it over to the developers. Thanks!

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