SM16 -Cannot enable DKIM
Problem reported by Jerry Jacobs - August 9, 2017 at 4:26 AM
A random test against our current config found DKIM failing even though a manual query against the DNS record showed everything correct..  I checked under domain settings/settings and the email signing showed the disable button which indicated it was enabled.   I disabled and changed DKIM settings which generated a new hash and then changed them back to the original settings which gnereated another new hash (same as the original though).   We updated DNS using all of the provided information and gave it 12 hours to propagate.   When I try to enable email signing it continues tell me that i need to add the txt record.   
Does SM16 generate a different txt record than previous versions?    What is keeping the system from seeing the current DNS settings?   Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem and get DKIM working again?

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Update - changed the sm DNS to an external server and problem was resolved.

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