SM16.1.6418 Date Region
Problem reported by viv burrows - 7/30/2017 at 11:48 AM
Date formats are now appearing as mm/dd/yy which is incorrect for the UK

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Bruce Replied
Same problem here all dates shown in US format in 16.1.6418 for all customers.

As we have very few customers in the US having all dates in US mm/dd/yy format is causing allot of complaints.
Valentin Ciocan Replied
Any updates on this? We have most of our clients in the UK and we still have the UID issue but now we are put off of updating to the new version if this is the case. We can`t have this, fixing one issue and then another coming up in the following week. This is becoming ridiculous, how am I supposed to regain my clients trust if I tell them that we fixed it but we broke something else?..  
Andrea Free Replied
Employee Post
Hi guys,
Thanks for your patience while this was reviewed. The date format should be resolved in the upcoming minor release. It will be based on your browser locale / language. However, date inputs, like in the calendar appointment creation or report date ranges, should use the computer's date format. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Bruce Replied
Even selecting the date format from the browser locale / language causes issues as most browsers install with the default English US rather than in our case English UK.

Can SmarterMail either use the Time Zone set by the user in their webmail settings or have a new option to set the date format?

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