User Control of Toolbar Settings
Idea shared by John Marx - 7/29/2017 at 10:48 AM
I am constantly marking items in the web interface as spam. This takes two clicks. Doesn't seem like a lot but at 100 times per day, seven times a week, etc. This is a time suck and having the ability to set the items that show in the toolbar (e.g. Move, Spam, Flag, Unflag, Block, etc.) would be a nice value add for users that are using the interface and would speed up the overall usability.    

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Nice idea!
Also, hide items in the toolbar! Then we could remove the "Delete All in Folder" button which is an invitation for disaster. Better to require the user to highlight all the messages, then choose Delete, to show that they really mean it.
100% agree in removing options as well. I just realized that we don't have the ability to inject CSS through the interface which would allow us to at least do a display: none and do it that way. Going to suggest the ability to override CSS by domain now.
This needs to be included. We just upgraded and users don't like that forward is under a dropdown of reply. Please allow customization of the toolbar. Not all admins want the same functionality and this is a "one size fits none" situation currently.

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