SmarterMail 16.1.6418 Now Available
Idea shared by Andrea Rogers - July 28, 2017 at 12:07 PM
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We just released the latest minor for SmarterMail 16.1.6418! Check out the release notes for more information.

Andrea Rogers
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There looks to be an issue with dates in 16.1.6418 as it is using US mm/dd/yyyy format for all customers regardless of their language settings in their web browser.

As we have very few customers in the US having all dates in US mm/dd/yy format is causing allot of complaints.

Is there any chance of a quick fix for this issue?
I installed SmarterMail 16.1.6418 as upgrade for SmarterMail 15.7.6411 on my test system after the German translation is now available.
Now I found out that at the user profile all telephone/mobile/fax numbers are lost. But when setting up more than 2 numbers only 2 numbers will be saved. How could this be solved? These settings are important for the signatures.

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