Problem with update to new version - error .NET 4.x
Question asked by James Squires - July 21, 2017 at 2:43 PM
After install of any updated version after Version 12.5.6250.33924 it fails. 
We never really ever had an issue with installing the updates as they were announced but at this point we cannot update any more. We have one free version that we use to test and update first.  Then we have one paid full version which we update after that.  
We do the update install as we have many times over the years and when done we get an error that the program requires .NET 4.5 
We have checked all the posts about problems with .NET 4.5 and pretty much exhausted all avenues of making sure it is installed and updated. Current install is running in IIS and application pool currently shows it running under .NET Framework  v4.0.30319 and pipeline "integrated."  
Every time a new version is released we try to do the update again with same result.  
There must be something we are missing.  

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