SmarterMali 16.1 Now Available
Idea shared by Derek Curtis - July 21, 2017 at 11:33 AM
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We are VERY pleased to announce that SmarterMail 16.1 is now available. This release has just this side of 70 release notes, so there are a ton of fixes, changes and additions. For example:
  • You can now choose your categories, contact sources and contacts from the email compose window.
  • You can limit the file types you want to allow for outgoing messages. (Just like you can for incoming.)
  • The preview pane can now be moved around or turned off altogether.
  • Remote content, like images, is blocked by default. However, users can allow for that message or add an exception for the sender. Contacts and Trusted Senders are allowed by default. 
  • File storage can be enabled/disabled on a per domain basis.
  • Added the following language files: French, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech and traditional Chinese. (BIG shout out to our translation partners.)
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I want to say I was reluctant about the potential speed increases. I can't say for anything else but wanted to thank the entire SmarterMail team for what appears a much improved responsive interface. The results are only a few hours in but still greatly appreciate the hard work.
Derek, for the new panel button on mobile devices, it must be set to "Right" for a successful mobile experience. Setting it to "Bottom" cuts off the message halfway down. Setting it to "None" removes the message. Chrome browser on Android device. Thanks, Ron
I have just upgraded from SmarterMail 15.x to 16.1 and find that reading emails in webmail is very, very, slow in Firefox with it taking around 6 seconds for each email to display in the preview pain.

This use to be almost instant in SmartMail 15, and while 6 seconds to display an email does not sound like long, if you have a large amount of emails to go through then sifting through the several hundred emails I receive overnight is painfully slow.

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