SmarterMali 16.1 Now Available
Idea shared by Derek Curtis - 7/21/2017 at 11:33 AM
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We are VERY pleased to announce that SmarterMail 16.1 is now available. This release has just this side of 70 release notes, so there are a ton of fixes, changes and additions. For example:
  • You can now choose your categories, contact sources and contacts from the email compose window.
  • You can limit the file types you want to allow for outgoing messages. (Just like you can for incoming.)
  • The preview pane can now be moved around or turned off altogether.
  • Remote content, like images, is blocked by default. However, users can allow for that message or add an exception for the sender. Contacts and Trusted Senders are allowed by default. 
  • File storage can be enabled/disabled on a per domain basis.
  • Added the following language files: French, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech and traditional Chinese. (BIG shout out to our translation partners.)
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I want to say I was reluctant about the potential speed increases. I can't say for anything else but wanted to thank the entire SmarterMail team for what appears a much improved responsive interface. The results are only a few hours in but still greatly appreciate the hard work.
Derek, for the new panel button on mobile devices, it must be set to "Right" for a successful mobile experience. Setting it to "Bottom" cuts off the message halfway down. Setting it to "None" removes the message. Chrome browser on Android device. Thanks, Ron
I have just upgraded from SmarterMail 15.x to 16.1 and find that reading emails in webmail is very, very, slow in Firefox with it taking around 6 seconds for each email to display in the preview pain.

This use to be almost instant in SmartMail 15, and while 6 seconds to display an email does not sound like long, if you have a large amount of emails to go through then sifting through the several hundred emails I receive overnight is painfully slow.
Derek Curtis Replied
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Ron, what device are using? On both my LG v20 and my Shield K1 tablet, I don't get the option to even manage the preview pane as the mobile interface doesn't have one. It should only display the list view.
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Derek, I can see the preview pane button on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It appears at the top per individual e-mail.
Bruce, I have read comments from SmarterTools staff indicating that there is an initial period of high processing when going to V16. I would give it 24 hours. Also, clear your browser cache.
It has been over 24 hours since the update and have also tried clearing the cache, but SmarterMail 16 still works very slowly in Firefox with emails taking over 6 seconds to load in the preview pain.

Other browser, Chrome and Edge both work fine with emails in the preview pain loading almost intently. This issue only looks to affect Firefox.
Another question. Did you uninstall 15 before installing 16? This is recommended when upgrading to major versions.
Yes, 15 was uninstalled before 16 was installed. We have over 12,000 SmarterMail user and are getting lots of complaints about the speed in Firefox and lots of complaints from Safari users who can not login unless they are running IOS 10 and OSX Sierra. Anyone with older Apple devices just get an unsupported browser page.

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