Utility to detect corrupt .GRP files
Question asked by David Fisher - 7/21/2017 at 11:01 AM
  Years ago, on the old forums, I thought there was talk about a possible utility that scan detect and repair .GRP files for SmarterMail.  I asked sales recently and they said they do not know of anything like that.
   My issue: I have been running SmarterMail at least, since v6, so I have .GRP files on there from 10+ years ago.  I had a RAID crash years ago, and when I restored the RAID several .GRP files were corrupt, actually has other data in there, like log file data, other people's mail, etc..  SmarterMail sees these GRP files as corrupt and DOES NOT display in the customer's webmail.
  My Solution: I am requesting a utility that will scan and attempt to repair these files, and if not, delete them, or easier just give me an option to delete any corrupted .GRP files, ones SmarterMail cannot read.
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David Fisher Replied
Anybody have any Thoughts?
Webio Replied
You can refer to this topic:
where Derek Curtis talk about "We also have a utility for extracting .EML files from a GRP. If you'd like it, just email sales@ and they can send it to you.". IMHO having source of this kind of tool would easily allow to create tool for scanning GRP files for validity.
echoDreamz Replied
Created a utility you can download here https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnLJ8H2HLbsEl1Wx11V6Zvh5HUQT simple extract it, edit the batch file to match your SmarterMail root domains path, save and close, run the check.bat and you are good to go.
Jade D Replied

Could you provide us with an updated link to your batch file?
Stefano Replied
@echoDreamz could you please re-upload your files?
The link is not working!
Thanks so much!

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