SM 16 can't login while account display name contained one specified Chinese word
Problem reported by Juan Lai - 7/19/2017 at 1:39 AM
    We are running newest SM16 (16.0.6379) and using AD to login in,
    Our AD  is using account in English, and  "Chinese Name (English name) " as account display name. It's fine for most people. But for one user, his name contains one Chinese word "茗" (reading as "ming"). No matter we use AD, or create a local account using English, and display name contain "茗". User won't be able to login. But if we remove this Chinese word and keep other Chinese words, then he is able to login via AD, or local account
  This only happened to webmai. (IE/firefox/chrome). But it's able to access if he is using
   I know we can change display name to temporary fix this. But any of your staff can help to verify why or other method to fix this?
  We also have SM15,  test the same name and is ok on SM15. This is Only happened on SM16.
    Thank you!
Juan Lai

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