Had it with Exchange Active NOT Sync! Cannot trust it!
Problem reported by Neal Culiner - 7/13/2017 at 7:24 AM
I've been paying for EAS and EWS for far too long and I cannot trust it for appointments at the very least! When is Smartertools going to actually make this work so we can trust it? I cannot!
I create an appointment on my iPhone 6S and it does not appear in my Mac Calendar app. I edit the appointment, change something such as out of office to busy, refresh the Mac App calendar it appears. Add another appointment 30 minutes later, nothing! Do the same as above, it then appears. I'm a software developer, I know how to use my apps! 
I am not touching SM 16 for a long time, I'm using the latest SM 15 Enterprise Edition 15.7.6390. I am losing confidence in Smartertools and considering moving everything personal to iCloud and my business to gmail. I can't even recommend my family members use my mail server for their calendars. 
Smartertools - please get your sync code RIGHT! We are paying you a lot of money annually, how about paying us back by doing your job?

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viv burrows Replied
For our install 16 has been so much better with regard to EAS and EWS, still some room for improvement. We updated from 15 as soon as we could. Our user base seem to make little use of the web interface and so those shortcomings have not impacted

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