Delivering of messages from remote location where local config exists when External MX record domain location is turned on
Question asked by Webio - 7/13/2017 at 4:02 AM
I would like to discuss about delivering messages sent from remote location to SmarterMail when local configuration exists in scenario where domain settings are being set to Domain location: External (use MX record) and Deliver locall if user exists set to Disabled.
In mentioned configuration when local user is sending message to some domain SmarterMail is querying DNS server and it is checking MX configuration to know where to deliver it and it completely ignores if local configuration exists which is great.
Now I have another scenario and probably suggestion. IMHO when using this configuration SmarterMail should also allow delivering messages from remote SMTP servers without checking if local domain exists instead of bumping with error "550 Authentication is required for relay".
SmaterMail server with:
Remote SMTP server: DNS configuration points to Remote SMTP server and SmarterMail server configuration for if just some old configuration left by users (user didn't removed mail domain).
Now user is sending his email from Remote SMTP Server as to and he is getting 550 bounces because of existing configuration on SmarterMail server. IMHO this should not happen and message should be delivered correctly to even if configuration (or only mail domain configuration) exists on SmarterMail server.
What do you think?
I know that should delete his configuration from SmarterMail domain when he was moving his mail to remote SMTP server but IMHO bouncing messages as a "punishment' for not deleting his old configuration is too much.

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