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Idea shared by Matthew Titley - 7/12/2017 at 7:44 AM
Currently, when I am creating new email accounts for customers I either create a password from stream of consciousness or I keep a separate browser tab open to some password generator web site. I propose that SmarterTools include a PW generator in the user management section of the web interface. The code simply needs to reference the system and domain password requirements in order to generate a password appropriate for that domain user's use. It'd be a little button right next to the PW box labeled "Generate Password."
Sounds like a REALLY good idea to me, and so easy to implement. Right?

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SmarterTools dev team: Would someone please chime in with a, "Matt, that's a super cool idea!" or a "Matt, that's a total waste of our coding time!" as, from my perspective, it's 'low-hanging fruit' for better email security. If we can convince just a few people that P@ssword123! isn't the best choice for a 'complex' password maybe it'd be worth the effort?
Matt, I think this is a super cool idea (and have been wondering since version 13 when Password Requirements were added why this hasn't been a standard feature in SmarterMail). Wherever there is ENTER PASSWORD/CONFIRM PASSWORD there should be a [GENERATE RANDOM/SECURE PASSWORD]  button that will autofill those fields with a Password that meets the Mail Server's Password Requirements.
It seems like everyday I have customers who have to reset their password only to be confused because they can't come up with a secure/complex password on their own and don't understand why the screen just refreshes every time they hit the [SAVE] button because their password of "pa55word" didn't meet the Password Requirements.
Just about every Web App that has a PASSWORD/CONFIRM PASSWORD field has some kind of random secure password generator as standard issue. I'm really surprised this has been an after-thought for SmarterTools.

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