Smartermail V16 failed to search emails in inbox or other sub folders
Problem reported by JE Gan - 7/9/2017 at 7:16 PM
After Smartermail V16 upgrade, currently there's one particular account unable to search emails in his email account, which applies to inbox or other sub folders.
I've tried to reindex the problematic email account, seems that the reindex got stuck and unable to complete after couple of hours.

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Bob Hayes Replied
We have the same issue with one of our clients.
The indexing gets to about 95% on the problem users and shows this error, over and over:
Error during indexing, invalidating index: System.ArgumentException: Illegal characters in path.
I don't see where the path is invalid, as the email itself works through the web interface.
Other users on the domain also work for searching. It is just 2 out of the multiple users that cannot.
Thank you,
Eric Stoeckel Jr Replied
Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
Thank you,
Joshua Koehler Replied
We are currently experiencing this issue with 3 of our users right now. I have tried turning off the e-mail service, deleting the files out of the domain/user/index folder and turning the service back on; but it is doing the same thing.
Richard Litofsky Replied
Hey guys - we had this same issue after upgrading to SM 16. Not only that, but it was causing the SM service to eat up a ton of CPU almost non-stop.  Fortunately they sent a fix for it. If you are having this issue, try contacting their support and ask for build 16.0.6404 or later. Hope this helps!
Ionel Aurelian Rau Replied
We too are seeing constant CPU usage now fluctuating between 25 - 45% in build 16.0.6397, whereas before the update CPU usage was sitting below 10 - 20%. I cannot reproduce the search issue, so I`ll rather wait for a fix in a normal release instead of a custom build as the CPU usage is not too bothersome at the moment.

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