unable to access SmarterMail outside of the server it was installed.
Problem reported by Jessica Smith - July 9, 2017 at 5:59 PM
Hello am Jessica,
please , i successfully installed SmarterMail 16.x on my Windows 2012 R2. (RDP)
but I can't seem to access Smartermail outside of the server where it was installed.  i carefully followed the installation procedures. Am stuck here for 3days now.
and i can't get it to work on smtp.
please, i really need an urgent help.

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You want to disable the Windows firewall on the server completely, at least for testing. And if you're using the server strictly for SmarterMail, you really don't want ANY anti-virus running on the server, except for an anti-virus for SmarterMail messages and attachments. The server itself is quite unlikely to get infected with anything if nothing else is going on besides SM. If the server is being used for other things, you want to make sure your anti-virus excludes SM folders and protocols. Best to uninstall it while testing SM, if you still have problems accessing SM from outside the SM server.
And make sure your Bindings are set in SM for whatever IP addresses you're using.
Do you have a firewall in front of the smartermail server ?
If so the proper ports have to be open.
Are you using any other control panels with Smartermail ?  are you possibly using Plesk ?
Every time i set up a new domain on our server, One of those two sets the binding access of smartermail as"webmail.domain.com"
Where I was expecting it to set as "mail.domain.com" instead (our old server used to set that)
It took me 3 days to realize that our new server server was setting it as "webmail."

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