Smartermail v16 - Troubleshooting Options Save button grey out
Problem reported by HP Beng - 7/9/2017 at 5:12 PM
Hi There,
I noticed that after upgraded to Smartermail v16.0.6397, one of my smartermail server save button is greyed out.
Step to reproduce, 
Smartermail -> Troubleshooting -> Options -> Change setting -> Not able to save. 
HP Beng

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Hi HP,
I'm not able to replicate this behavior on our 16.0.6397 installation. I tested a setting from each card on that page, and the Save button enabled as expected each time. Is there perhaps another setting on the page preventing the Save button from going active?
In a previous version we had an issue where a page required a field to be filled out, but if it wasn't, you couldn't make any changes to the page. That is, the Save button wouldn't activate if you DID change something. However, there wasn't an error thrown on the field when you opened the page...

To see if this is the case, open the page then use your keyboard to Tab through each field. When you pass a required filed that isn't filled out, or filled out improperly, you'll see a red validation error display. Fix that issue and you should be good to go.
HP Beng Replied
Hi Andrea Rogers,

Thank you for your reply. Yes this is being fixed after follow your step as the Indexing Max Threads was set to 22 (it allow 1-16 only).

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