Email loss and duplication Issue on Outlook 2013/2016
Problem reported by Jia Yun Ng - 7/4/2017 at 1:00 AM
Hi all, I had just migrate from email to smartermail 14.2. But there is few issue that we facing.
1) email duplication/loss - some user report that they have duplication email(email A) sync from server. While checking with the webmail, we found that the 2nd email A that the user receive actually is another email(email B). But in the outlook the email B was unable to sync over from smarter mail.
2)If we were recreate the profile in the outlook, the email B just will disappeared like it never receive.
However when sync with other device (eg IOS/Android) it is working fine.
Do anybody face this issue before?

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viv burrows Replied
I would try to update to smartermail 16, it is much better behaved with Outlook
Shaun Peet Replied
To elaborate a bit on what Vic suggested - the main concerns with SM16 have to do with webmail usability because it's so different than prior versions and has a responsive UI - jack of all trades, master of none. However, under the hood, the core mailservice.exe seems to be a substantial improvement when connecting to it from every other mail client. So as long as your users aren't completely reliant on webmail for daily use - upgrading to SM16 will solve a lot of your problems.
viv burrows Replied
I agree absolutely with Shaun. Our activesync log used to be a chamber of horrors but it is currently a haven of tranquility.

When a company fixes one area the focus moves onto the next.

For our users the next two areas are
1 Categories both at the Smartermail end, the implementation is a little ragged and via EAS at the Outlook end, non existent
2 Distribution lists linked to above
Jia Yun Ng Replied
Hi guys, thank for comment. As budget concern, we may need to stick with 14.2 at this moment. Beside of update, what other area I may check?
Paul Blank Replied
It is sad that the cost of email software and servers (which the sending and receipt of is in and of itself FREE) should be not at a high priority for some companies. My clients agree to pay a fair amount for server maintenance, software, security and connectivity, or they need to get a different consultant. 
If you're a small business owner and really can't afford it, that's a different story. My opinion there is that perhaps you should simply get a gmail account for your business OR use free, personal gmail.
Jia Yun Ng Replied
Hi Guys, Thanks for the reply. After month of monitoring, i found the behavior of the case

The scenario as below:
1) user will received duplicated email in their outlook inbox. But the same email is not sync at the same time.
2) When we check the webmail, the 2nd/3rd duplicate email actually is another email (maybe a different sender/subject) and different time. Let call it Email B/C here.
3) What my current solution is that I will move the EmailB/C to another folder (eg: from inbox to draft). Then at the outlook I will sync the Email B/C at the draft folder.
4) After that I will move the Email B/C from draft folder to inbox, the the 2nd/3rd duplicated email will disappeared and replaced by Email B/C in the inbox.

As not every user is computer literate. There is very high chance that the user never notice they receive the mail actually

Do you have any idea on what went wrong here. The configuration as below:
a) Smartermail 14.7
b) Outlook 2013/2016 with IMAP
c) Sync interval 15min
d) Server Time out 5min

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