Bug: Rename a user with full domain causes broken user
Problem reported by Tina Cline - 6/26/2017 at 12:13 PM
Being Fixed
Actually had a client do this:
1.  Create a user 
2.  Renamed the user, but accidentally used the full domain (name@domain.com)
3. It creates the user as name@domain.com@domain.com
4.  You cannot delete or remove this user
5.  Opening the user to modify only opens a blank user that has all appearances of being an AD Integrated user with no information filled out.  You cannot make any adjustments since there is no user information present
The only way I found to remove this is to rename the user folders and then remove the users from the accountlist.xml and restart the SM service.
Its nice that SM will not allow you to create a user with the @domain.com in the user name field at the start.  That prevents this from happening, but the rename does allow you to create this situation and I would be afraid someone might do it to a live account and thus force a laborious restore process.
Any info?

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Hi Tina.  I've replicated this, and I'll be getting this over to our developers to be fixed.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
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Tina, this fix will be included in our next SmarterMail 15 minor release.
Tony L Replied
We had a similar case today.

User rename their user email account from user@domain.ltd using the rename function in the primary admin to user test@domain.ltd, and it work. You should not be able to rename email user to user name with a space. We are running SmarterMail Version - 15.7.6855
Paul Blank Replied
I believe you can edit the appropriate .xml file(s), stopping and restarting the SM service before and after the edit.  No?

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