Outlook 2016 via RDS, EAS, etc...
Question asked by Matthew Titley - 6/26/2017 at 10:47 AM
Hello all,
I have a client for whom my company has been providing their mail service hosting for many years. They have multiple offices and around 90 email users. Recently we've been discussing the benefits of switching to a TS/RDS environment where all their employees would be logging into one server for both Office and other proprietary business software. Can anyone chime in with any experience with running Outlook 2013/2016 via terminal services? We'd use a new, honkin' server to do this but I'm a little concerned about resource hogging as we all know just how Microsoft desktop software has a historical propensity to use gobs of ram and CPU per user. Does anyone know if EAS is substantially more or less bandwidth intensive than IMAP? I know IMAP won't do the contacts/calendar, but the Sharepoint style "add to Outlook" might be good enough for their needs.
Other than that, we currently have some other domains subscribing to the EAS add on for mobile or iPad usage but not a huge number - maybe 10 or so. My bigger client, above, would like to possibly go the whole "Exchange alternative" route with contact/calendar sharing for their email users. To date they're only using POP/IMAP and web mail, and haven't really pursued resource sharing although certain members of their staff ask me about it on occasion.
So, if anyone would chime in with their experiences with attempting the whole true "Exchange alternative" that ST promotes using the most recent versions of Outlook I'd appreciate it. We're still on 15.x and are planning the 16 upgrade for later this summer but the interface change is really going to throw some of our clients for a loop for sure!
Thanks for any thoughts,

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viv burrows Replied
Firstly EAS under 15 was woeful, pitiful and awful, however under 16 we have been pleasantly surprised, it is substantially better.
I'm not generally superstitious but I'm touching wood whilst writing this (UK English)
We can only speak for installs of <30 running Outlook 2016 and fingers crossed they are now pretty much fine

Still not 100% confident but moved to the higher 90s

Paul Blank Replied
Great news for EAS, but there are so many reported issues with v16, slow speed on web interface being one of the biggies, that it's hard to know where to go now.
Matthew Titley Replied
Viv, thanks for the note. I get the feeling that 16 has many improvements under the bonnet, as you'd say in England, but the mixed reviews on the performance of the web interface still concerns me as Paul noted. I've noticed a few inconsistencies in EAS in v15 but I'm not on the latest 15 build either so I can't criticize since I know that there were EAS bug fixes in later builds.

Luckily, we don't have too many users whom rely upon the web interface regularly so I am not foreseeing a very large number of concurrent web sessions. Regardless, I'm waiting for a few more 16.x build releases before pulling the trigger on the upgrade.

Thanks. Any additional comments are appreciated. Maybe even a chime-in from ST staff if they have any opinions?


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