How do I access the Inbox using v16 API?
Question asked by colin - June 21, 2017 at 11:53 PM
I would like to setup one of my mailboxes so that the messages are automatically saved to an SQL Database.
It is possible with the new v16 API to access emails in the inbox?
I couldn't see any details of this on the API documentation yet, but I guess because this is new, not all the documentation has been published?

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Hello Colin,
We are still working on documenting all of our APIs. We are currently in the process of documenting all the Mail APIs and they should be available within the next few weeks.
colin Replied
Has there been any update on this yet?
Buhahaha. We made special requests to the team from May through mid July - always a promise that new API documentation was coming, and yet it never arrived. I am so thankful to Andrea for pushing through our requests for help to the dev team, because coding against v16 proved taxing to our team, even though they had done a great job coding against v. 15.
We had to have our custom portal integration coded to a rather bizarre mixture of v1 API calls and with a bit of help from the SmarterTools dev team some "newer" API calls. That is so irritating as we KNOW that when the"new and improved" API is finally fixed - that is feature hardened and documented our code will probably break, and break badly which will require another month of changes to code against the "new and improved" API.
In addition, the ability to allow a user to log into their postmaster or other account from a third party app (such as our portal) was fundamentally broken in v. 16 - a HUGE issue for us. The answer? You must use the "same domain" on which SM resides. Seriously?! There are so many options to make this a secure from 3rd party applications, but no, just remove that feature altogether...
I assume... man I hate using that word... that SmarterTools is "actually" working on full API documentation, but for now, code against v1 API and you will have pretty good success.
Matthew J. Sine, General Manager8Dweb LLC
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Matt Petty Replied
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If things change between our currently used undocumented to being documented. While the call data might change, actual functionality should not. So there might be variable names that get standardized and changed.
While waiting for documentation, we do have authentication documented and all the rest of the info can be found by reverse engineering the calls using Chrome's network tools. I know this may not be the best answer but if you absolutely need to do something with the new API's. You can inspect and view the network calls through a browser's dev tools and see how they work.

Again these calls likely won't change their endpoint or functionality but when moving from undocumented to documented, variable names will likely change.
Matt Petty
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Matthew Sine Replied
I appreciate the answer, however, using reverse engineering to document the api calls... Frankly this is not a "Halt and Catch Fire" episode...

The API documentation was promised FIVE months ago...

When we sent your reply to our programming team, there were several colorful metaphors provided which I think I will not include here...

Sure, we could do what you suggest, but I think you might agree, that is a fundamentally flawed answer to your dedicated customer base, many who many not have the skills to do as you suggest.

Sorry, we need the API stabilized and properly documented.

SM16 has made way too many things a living hell to properly integrate, this should not have been allowed to slip this far into the v16 release.
Matthew J. Sine, General Manager8Dweb LLC
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