Web Interface does not refresh - SM 16.0.6369
Question asked by hostek - 6/16/2017 at 7:31 AM
I have upgraded to the latest version today to see if it addressed my issue and it has not. I have 2 major issues with the web interface in the latest upgrade to 16. 
1. If I open my mail and let it sit there, it never checks for new email. If I click on another folder and then click back to inbox, the new mail is there. I have even left it open in the browser overnight and it never refreshes email. I don't even see an option to force a Send/Receive manually.
2. If I delete an email by clicking on it in the list and then clicking the delete button at the top of the list, the email is removed from the reading pane, but it remains on my list. If I click on another email in the list and then click back on the email I deleted, a message shows in the reading pane that stating that the email has been removed. If I again click on another folder and then back to inbox, the list is updated and the email is gone.
I have tested the above in the latest versions of Chrome and Edge. Is it just me?
I'm not reporting it as a problem yet because feel like I'm missing a setting or something. I feel like if this was truly an issue, I would be able to find someone else talking about it here on the boards.
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Benjamin Breedlove Replied
I have the same issue!  It is driving me nuts!  To refresh the list of messages, I have to choose another folder and then go back to the original folder.  Why?  The refresh option was in SM 15, so where is it in SM 16? 
Matt Petty Replied
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We use SignalR for real-time updates to the client. If this is not working for you, I would suggest opening a ticket. This is something that will not be easy to debug especially with just bug reports on the community as it may require looking through the operating environment. Among a couple things make sure nothing else besides SmarterMail has port 50010 bound. We also have a custom build that contains enhanced logging. 
You can see the bound port using this command, then matching up the PID to a service in Task Manager.
netstat -nao | find "50010"
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Tarkan Replied
I have this issue as well on our test system.

The reason it is happening for us is that the smartermail web interface is published via our TMG2010 firewall.

Updates work fine if using the webmail directly from the machine hosting smartermail.

Have not investigated how to resolve it yet - our Exchange OWA installation is also published through the same firewall and that works with no issues.

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