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Question asked by Keevin Fisher - 6/14/2017 at 10:27 AM
I have been using the Blacklist in the Security tab for the last few months in combination with the headers from emails that I get in my Junk E-mail folder.  I have subsequently put in ranges of IP addresses based upon a variety of criteria.
1.    Country of origin - specifically China and Russia
2.    Hosting companies that don't manage abuse of their hosted customers. 
3.    Companies that use email to track users when opened.
So, what I can trying to find out is.  Am I able to export blacklist into a text or CSV file so I can put it into a database of some type?
Also is there a better way to manage a blacklist of my own?

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Paul White Replied
To get more advanced than what you are already doing, you need to start developing your own solution. I eventually got the point of annoyance with spam, that I did this. First I wrote my own script that allows me to dynamically add IPs and or blocks to my firewall. Then I wrote a script that reads the Smartermail SMTP logs every 5 minutes. Since most connections are greylisted for 5 minutes this is enough time to determine if the connection was going to spam me. IF it finds any trigger words, then it automatically adds the IP to the firewall. For Networks that seem to harbor these spammers, I have a script setup that can scrub every IP block from that company on ARIN. Since implimenting these, its very rare that I get spam.
Sérgio Rocha Replied
I would like to have the ability to export blacklist. We do the same, we check the header of spam messages and we feed the balcklist list. It is very important for for export these IPs from one smartermail to other.
Keevin Fisher Replied
I would agree.  I wiped out the blacklist by accident and could recreate it.  I would like to see about getting a bulk load and upload to back the list up.

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