SM16 Chrome not sending e-mails with base tag in html
Problem reported by Matthew Shepard - June 13, 2017 at 1:36 PM
We have noticed an issue in chrome that some of our users are seeing when trying to reply or forward some e-mails that they have gotten from specific customers. They would type the e-mail up and when they hit the "send" button the send button will go gray for a couple of seconds and then go blue again. The e-mail pane never closes and the e-mail never sends. If they switched over to Internet explorer, even if they saved it as a draft so it is the exact same e-mail, it would work, and send as expected. After some research I have identified the problem is the base tag in html. For example: <base href="https://website/" target="_self">. If I go to code view when editing the reply or forward and remove the word "base" (so it would leave: <href="https://website/" target="_self">)  and then try to send it will work in chrome.

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Matthew Kides Replied
Employee Post
Hello Matthew,
This is a known issue that has been fixed and will be in this weeks release.
Matthew Kides
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Matthew Shepard Replied
Awesome, thank you.
Matthew Shepard Replied
This has been fixed and can be marked as resolved. Thank guys!

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