Re: Error Log - Reason: The hosting environment shut down the application
Question asked by Hemen Shah - 6/11/2017 at 10:17 AM
Post Upgrade to 15.6.6347, noticing below in error logs frequently, anyone facing the same or any update on this !!!
[2017.06.11] [CurrentUser: ]
[2017.06.11] [6/11/2017 1:04:08 PM]
[2017.06.11] Application Stopping.  Reason: The hosting environment shut down the application

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michael~ Replied
This is typically (so I've seen on my server) caused by IIS recycling the Application Pool process. You can specify an exact time (or set of times) to force a recycle, otherwise, IIS should hold the process open.
Open IIS Manager, find the Application Pool SmarterMail, and open Advanced Settings.
Under Recycling, find Specific Times, and put in at least one time when the AppPool can be recycled.  I use 4:00a because it's a very low-use time of day.
Since I added that setting, I only see that "error"/notice once a day at 4:00a.
Have fun
-- michael~

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